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  Hanging Planter
Versatile self watering system can be used as a hanging basket or can be free standing.  

Perfect for strawberries and colourful annuals.

Available in Slate, Terracotta, Jade, Stone.

Dimensions: 35cm x 42cm 

Sale Price: $40.00

Post and Wall Planter
Totally modular allowing the user to 
interconnect multiple sets, making a vertical 
garden bed and attach on a fence post or wall.  

Great for herbs and flowering annuals.
Contains six self-watering planters, six 
drainage grids and two supporting 
stems with connector and fastening equipment. 

Each tier has individual self-watering pots 
with their own water reservoirs and soil 
separating grids.

All kits can interconnect and provide a 
continuance of display as high as you 
wish as a modular stacker by simply 
purchasing additional kits.

Available in Slate, Terracotta, Jade, Stone.

Dimensions: Vary on design

Sale Price: $55.00

  Midi Planter
The perfect herb planter.  
An attractive compact unit suitable for growing 
all your herbs in one compact area. 
 With every growing area spanning 9 inches or
23 cms across, with three growing areas 
per layer, every plant has room to reach its 
maximum potential. 

Available in: Slate, Terracotta, Stone, Jade

Dimensions: 35cm x 42cmz

Sale Price: $50.00

  Maxi Planter
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use being very 
ersatile with what you can grow.  It doesn't  
matter if you want to grow flowers, 
vegetables, including root vegetables like 
carrots and beetroot, or herbs and even 
better a combination of all, the MAXI is the 
perfect pot.

Maxi is the same shape and design as the 
MIDI with the difference being the size.  Each 
layer of the MAXI holds 30 litre of soil.
Also comes with the Moisture Mash (2 packets)
which has been developed to maximise 
moisture retention as well as aeration to 
help the plants sustain vigorous healthy growth.

Available in Slate, Terracotta, Jade, Stone.

Dimensions: 50cm x 75cm 

Sale Price: $85.00

  Mega Tub
The largest and most versatile planter.
4 layered self watering vertical planter 
with a total of 13 growing areas equivalent 
to 13 x 10" (25cm) pots. Grow almost 
anything, the choice is yours.
Efficient self watering planter, with each water 
well storing over a litre of life sustaining 
moisture and nutrients.  

This water storing feature allows for an 
extended period of time between watering 
sessions, but will vary depending on location, temperature, wind and plant type, may extend 
to as long as two weeks.

Designed to accomodate a hydroponic 
converter for a state of the art hydroponic 
system available from Stack-A-Pots NQ.

Available in Slate, Terracotta, Jade, Stone.

Dimensions: 58cm x 87cm 

Sale Price: $100.00
Hydroponic Converter: $65.00


  Moisture Mash Package

Moisture Mash is a must have for any budding 
botanist. With a unique blend of minerals 
the Moisture Mash allows for superior
growing power and water retention.

1 litre Fine old Australian Perlite, 
0.5 Litre of granulated Charcoal, 
0.5 Litre of Vermiculite 
20 grams of water retention gel crystals 
nutrients and vacuum retail packaged. 

Sale Price; $10.00 per package

  Maxi & Mega Trolley
Custom made to suit Stack-a-Pots Maxi & Mega
Designed for easy moving of your pots.  
Stack-A-Pots Plant Trolley is made using a 
6mm heavy gauge zinc plated wire stand plus 
4 heavy duty 120kg capacity removable wheels. 
Two of the wheels are lockable

Sale Price; $30